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my sailor finished his a skwl and he got his orders.. as of today it seems more than likely he will go to europe we still dont know for how long or when he will leave. so if any of u ladies have gone thru this or have sailors over seas in italy ill be happy to hear from u and make new friends

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thank u, no he stayed in great lakes he is a GM and yeah i live in texas and i wasnt able to go to his graduation and well he didnt get leave until this december so i went six months without seeing him. so im just trying to make the best of it hoping he'll get to come home before he leaves

I haven't gone through deployments with my sailor yet although we have been separated because of his previous job prior to joining the Navy for 6 months at a time and he went abroad also. I'm just hoping the best for you guys and keep the communication open while he is in Italy. Congrats on finishing A school tho. Out of curiosity, where did he go to A school? Because my fiance finished his A school also today and he was in Lackland AFB, I was just wondering if your sailor went there too. good luck to you both!