How Much Longerr!

so my boyfriend got to great lakes Feb 8th, its been two weeks already, and i still havent heard from him, i know they dont have a lot of time to write so im not going to keep checking my mailbox everyday hoping for a letter because i know hes busy all of the time and i know im not going to be getting mail everyday from him,but does anyone know how long it takes to get a letter from them?

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My boyfriend left on February 1st. I got my first letter on Friday! I checked my mail EVERY DAY but when you get it, everything feels amazing! (: It will be there soon!

oh my god thanks guys!. i just feel so bad because ive been writing him letters non-stop and keep sending them out and i dont want to bombard him with letters! ahah but i cant help it ahaha

My boyfriend got out of great lakes right before yours went in, so it's te same time about, i took 3 weeks fir me to get w letter

ya it takes a couple weeks and they are only suposed to write on sundays and holidays (tho some write all during the week) and the only send them out on sundays. most people get them wednesdays or thursdays, when you get one remember the day its gonna be the same day every week. and after about 4 weeks the do their first test and earn a phone call!

You'll get a letter when you least expect it

i got my first letter about 2 and a half weeks in. dont worry, it will be there soon :)

about 2-3 weeks and no need to check the mailbox everyday :) I know you're anxious to hear from him but they only get to send out the letters they have written once a week on Sunday. When my fiance was in boot, he wrote me a letter each night, mailed them all on Sunday and I usually got them every Wednesday. Cheer up, you'll get them in a few days :)