Cannot Believe What Happened!!!

so i was at work today, and around 12ish i started to get a feeling that my boyfriend was going to 12:23, i looked at my phone and saw that my phone had 2 missed calls from an 847 area code.then i get a text from his mom saying that she missed his call..i ran into the office and started histerically crying.i called his mom and we were both histerical. i ended up calling the same number he called but the guy said that its a pay phone so even if i called he wouldnt be able to answer the call because they get transfered to that i was histerical for a good 20 mins...

then i called his mom and her phone was ringing but it was beeping so i knew that she was on the other i ended up calling his brother, that told me that his mom was on the phone with my boyfriend/ i begged him to tell his mom to tell him to call me if he could that i was going to wait for a call if he then i get a call from her and i heard him say NAT..but he only had a minute left on his calling card so he couldnt talk...then i ended up crying even more because all i wanted to do was talk to him and stupid me didn't have my phone on first i was going to leave it in my pocket book and not take it with me because i knew i wasnt going to get any texts or anything, but then i started getting a gut feeling so i brought it with me...

then 10 mins later HE CALLED!!!! and i got to talk to him.. at first we both said eachothers names and we both started crying together. ( i know its kinda cheesy to say that my boyfriend was crying but what guy doesnt cry?)..he told me how he wrote to me every night and how he hasnt stopped thinking about me, and how he still wanted to marry me and wrote it in every letter...i was sooooo happpy i still am that im crying of happiness!!! :D

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aww thankss! and yeah im deffinately going to his graduation, theres not anything in this world that would stop me from going..we already booked the flight ahaha..and he put me down as one of the 4 people he wanted to come see him so its diffenately something amazing to look foward to

My fiancee is in a school and i talk to her everyday and im still afraid of missing her call. But the calls you get during boot are the best ones ever, there isnt anything like not being able to talk to your loved one for a month and missing them the entire time. Then just hearing their voice, its almost indescribable. Im glad that you got your phone call that means that everything is going good. Are you planning on going to his graduation? I would definitely recommend it, It was an awesome experience. And congratz on the marriage, Its good to hear that relationships are working out, we had a spell for a while where ppl weir breaking up once their boyfriends got into A School. Once again congratz on the marrage and be strong it will all be worth it in the end!

Exciting!!! =) I'm soo glad you got to talk to him!!

I'm scared about that too, just missing the ONE phone call he gets in, like, a month. My cell is always on vibrate, just in case.

oh i know! have no idea how devestated i was!. i couldnt even breathe i was like saying that i hated myself for not putting my phone on was bad.but when i got to hear his voice again everything was fine!..make sure you have that phone on high girl!

i'm so glad you got to talk to him! i'm always scared that my bf is going to call and that i'm not going to hear it!