To All You Ladies..

who think their boyfriend is being faithful to them. This is I guess a warning. He didn't exactly cheat on me, but I did find out that he has been calling **** hotlines since he graduated during the night when he tells me he can't talk because he needs to sleep. No, it's not cheating, but I dealt with this same thing before he left. I won't even talk about how graduation and seeing him was because it doesn't matter now. Navy=respectful men? Nahh, don't think so. Goo luck to you all, and thank you so much for your help ladies. Love to all

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they're not. your taking it the wrong way. im using his exact words in his place. obv they're not the same in all case, id be a dumbass if i was saying that. but in his case, it did not make him a better man, or should i say little boy. he claimed it did. its ironic. thanks for the help tho.

I don't think you can use a blanket statement and say that the Navy does not contain respectful men. It is variable, just like every other job in the world. Not ever computer programmer, lawyer, or doctor is the same so why would men in the Navy be the same?

i agree with WTbeals and phattsilyangel, you do not deserve to be treated like that! That in my book is a form of cheating, and for sure not ok! I dont think that the navy is what caused him to make this poor decision. In my opinion the navy has made my boyfriend such a stronger, better man than he was before joining. Good luck to you, i hope that your boyfriend's poor decisions hasnt caused a permanent negative opinion towards navy men. I really do hope for the best for you, you deserve the best when being such an awesome supportive girlfriend.

Agreed., What he did -according to me anyway- is a form of cheating, emotional cheating, and that is not okay and it's best that you decided to leave someone that doesn't respect you like that BUT I believe that the Navy has made changes in my fiance's life which wouldn't have happened if he hadn't joined the Navy. Good luck!

im so sorry about what obviously deserve better if he could be so disrespectful before he left its hard to imagine you thought he could be better. good for you, leave him in the past, but dont blame it on the navy if it was a problem before he left then its a problem with him, hes just a stupid ***-hole, you can do better, but dntblme the navy for his mistakes. be strong and find a guy worth your love and time!