I Got The Address To Start Mailing My Letters!

Yea! I just talked to my boyfriend's dad tonight and got the mailing address! Yea!!! Also, I was invited to go to graduation with them, whichbefore I wasn't sure if there would be a spot for me. I'm so happy and emotional right now! It's like it's all real. He's really there. But, April 9th will come in time. :)

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Yeah, we'll see. His parents haven't called me back yet. It's kind of driving me crazy! I wonder if our boys know each other? That would be really funny.

Mine's in 809 too! :) Yea I can't afford graduation either...my boyfriend is paying for my share too. I hope you get to go!

He's in 809. Your's? And it turns out that I can't go to graduation. I can't afford it right now, but my boyfriend is trying to see if he can pay for it... so we'll see.

I know exactly how you feel! My boyfriend graduates April 9th too, and it can't come soon enough. The best day of every week is when I get letters from him, and I got the first phone call from him this Tuesday! But it still doesn't compare to actually being with him. His family invited me to go to his graduation with them too, thank goodness because I doubt I would have been able to otherwise. What division is your boyfriend in?

i have my bf's grad this weekend but can still remember clearly when i was at your stage of this whole thing! (except i had to wait for his first letter cuz of parental problems lol ) its amazing realizing this isnt a dream, that he didnt just drop off the face of the earth! congrats!!!

congrats to the both of you I am a navy wife and I say cherish all these moments and look forward to the future!

yes, definitely go to his graduation. A once in a lifetime opportunity and he would LOVE to see you there!

That's great news! The graduation is crazy. I hope the time till then flies!