Ok So Here It Goes...

 My Navy Recruit Left Janurary 19th 2010...  we have been together on and off since March 2009 so almost a year. He left, and im still here.. waiting. which i have absolutely no problem doing.. He took a part of my heart with him, and part his is left with me. He graduates March 19th but im not entirely sure what happens after that.. IM not sure if he goes to school directly after or if he visits or what.  I hate being this clueless, and i feel really dumb not knowing but I didnt really want to know details while he was here because it just broke my heart. Now im kind of regreting it.. So i was wondering if there were any ladies willing to email me one on one to help me out.. because i would love to hear your story and vice versa.. im young (17) so im not sure whats in store but I am prepared to try my hardest to be strong..  Thanks so much,,

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welcome to the military life, haha. They like to keep you clueless.. something I, as well am not fond of. My boyfriend graduated from boot camp in December and is now going through A school. Let me know if you ever need anything! You can email me at brerrocks@msn.com or add me on facebook. Good luck!

Yea i would love that ! If you would like to email that would be awesome.. my email is sprague_15@hotmial.com.. Thanks soo much..

Hey i am young too so i understand. And the miltary is pretty clueless they have changed my boyfriends date like 4 times but he now leaves March 22. But if you ever need anyone to talk to add me on facebook. my email is jamiechloe@yahoo.com