He's Gone..

He's finally a real sailor now. My baby left me about an hour ago. I cried quite a bit at the airport and was finally able to stop. I know we'll be able to make it through. Thankfully I have a great friend here who's bringing Coldstone ice cream and lots of chocolate for the next day or two. And then my best friend comes home from college on Friday! :) So, as long as I keep myself occupied 8 weeks will just fly by, and I'll eventually stop crying..right??

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5 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Thanks for all the support! I broke down only once at school today and my parents said they'd help keep me busy..which will be nice. And school will help too. Thanks so much guys! :) I love having so much support, even if it's anonymous.

my boyfriend left for bootcamp yesterday. it was really sad to see him go. but i tried to keep my head up, and not cry. i still haven't cried... my heart is in so much pain, because i know that i won't be able to see his amazing face for the next eight weeks. i get so close to tearing up. and i had so many dreams about him last night. i really hope i get through these next two months smoothly, and don't have too many breakdowns. but i can't even seem to get myself out of my room.. and i can't even smile and feel real. good luck with everything, though. (:

I remember that day, I got ice cream and went through the car wash. Be strong, this doesn't mean that you stop crying, but that the crying may be less hysterical (if your's is anything like mine). Good luck!

I'm assuming he left for boot camp, don't worry so much. It will be tough and the first 2-3 weeks are the worst but once you get through those first few weeks, everything will be better. Start writing him letters everyday as if you're still talking to him, he would love to read whatever you have to say. You are lucky to have a support system from your friends, not all of us have that, and yes, 8 weeks will start flying by after you pick yourself up from the sadness and start forcing yourself to keep on moving and keep yourself busy. The rest of the world keeps on going and there's no point in getting all sad and depressed so cry your eyes out tonight, be sad for a while and then force yourself to keep going. Good luck

is it his a-school thats 8 weeks or bootcamp?? cuz a-school he can talk to you all the time and it wont be as bad. i just got my "im a sailor" call today, my bf graduates boot in 2 days!!! i cant wait to see him!!! and keep ur head up everything will be ok!!!