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Well Our story begins with me I was a single mom getting though a messy divorce living with my girlfriend and her mother. I answered the phone one day to this guy that tells me he needs a ride from the airport at 9. I was to tell his mom the time to pick him up, we ended up talking until he ran out of minutes on his phone card. I rode the hour and a half drive with his mom and dad later that night to get him. Seeing him I smiled instantly I just knew something clicked. While he was home for leave (12 days) we spent 9 days inseparable. The other three he was gone to see his sister and her family in the next state and for those days we were on the phone for at least 9 nine hours a day. The morning he left we didn't have a chance to see each other before he had to leave so when he got to the airport he texted to tell me good-bye and then followed up by calling me when he landed here in VA. The next few months apart were crazy he would get off work and start texting me as soon as I got off work we were on the phone till one of us fell asleep. Wake up the next morning with text messages and e-mails and the cycle continued until he asked me to come see him in VA (I was in TX). So the 8th of Oct. I came up for the best week of my life we did nothing but lay around and stare at each other. It was amazing!! Fast forward though a bunch more texts and calls. That year he came to see me for Christmas. Three weeks off work and he wasted all of it sitting in my tiny trailer with me and Jordan. We spent 3 or 4 days with his family and then ended the great adventure with a long car ride back to VA. I think the ride home was worse, I cried all the way to AL. Any who I got home found out I had lost my job and first thing I did was call Ryan. He sent me the money to buy a car and come to our new home. Jan 21st we were finally together again. We were stuck in a hotel till mid march but things were easy back then. In March we got our credit approved and finally moved in to our wonderful apartment. Since then our lives have been crazy. TDY, PCS, Move aboard and, Commissioning. Now we are working though smaller underways and looking at the deployments in the future. He still hasn't popped the question but I sure he will. Two years in and I can't do anything but look forward knowing how wonderful the next years together will be.

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Yep...Thomas and I have only been together since last November...I think he's had about 3-5 underways just in that little bit of time...crazy...

He is on a ship and works as an ET for now but he wants to change jobs so no telling what he will be doing later!! I'm sorry your SO had to leave on Valentine's day. That had to be hard. Ryan and I are looking at his first deployment being in 2012 so I guess you could say I'm lucky for now. The under ways are constant though so that part of it is pretty tough.

Wow it sounds like you guys really love each other! What is he doing in the Navy? Is he on a ship, sub, etc.? My boyfriend is on a ship...just left for his long deployment on Valentine's Day :-(