Finally! New News!

Okay, so it's been a little over two weeks since I shared a story...cause I haven't had anything to share! :( My Justin visited MEPS for the third time today, awaiting a job, and FINALLY got one! Mixed emotions ALL's what happened.

I had been anxious since there had been so much hurry up and wait going on, so when he told me earlier in the day he got QNJ (Qualified, No Job available), I was still wishing we had answers, but I could breathe knowing it would be Tuesday before he'd find out dates for boot and everything else...then, a few hours later he called.

"I got a job!!!" He said excitedly.

"What?" I was confused. Earlier, they'd said no jobs available...but now he has a job? How?

"I got a job! They gave me a job!"

"Oh, that's great!" Confusion faded..."What job is it?" I asked.

"Hospital Corpsman." Since then, I've found out, that basically means a medic for the Navy. This was a minor shock, since he'd never mentioned the medical field as an interest before, but I stumbled along.

"Okay, great! That's good!"

Then he said, "So do you want to hear the good and bad news?"

"Sure." Of course I didn't want to hear bad news. But here it came...

"I leave April 20th* for boot camp." All confusion turned into shock. Today is February 26th. That's about two months. Wow.

My heart sank and all I could say was "Okay, okay. Okay, that's fine. That's good. April 20th. Okay." I'm sure I sounded absolutely ridiculous.

He said, "It's kinda good because I don't have to wait long, but it's bad because I was planning on spending the first year with you." My heart was in my stomach now. We've only been dating a few months, but we've known each other for years, and although I can't really explain to you all how everything is, there's an unmistakable connection and we are definitely committed to each other...

So we talked a little more and hung up so he could call his mom - I was his first call which I admit made me feel a little better about the whole thing, but I was still reeling. I don't remember if I mentioned this in the first story, but his local recruiter had a meeting with his parents and I was able to be there, too. At several points during the meeting he mentioned that it would probably be November by the time he went to boot camp, and although I knew he couldn't guarantee anything, I kinda got my heart set on looking that far ahead. Not a little less than two months ahead...

Since then, I've found out his A school will be 14 weeks in Great Lakes, IL, but he doesn't know when it starts or anything like that yet. I am much more composed than I was when he first told me, but I know there will be many ups and downs from now on. Now that we have dates and a job, everything seems so much more real. I still know we will be strong enough to make it, and I know that between my friends, family (including his family - thankfully, I have a great relationship with them), and this website (haha) I will be strong enough when I'm alone that everything will be okay. I'm sooo completely proud of him! He's living his dream and I've always known he'd be so great at anything he wants to do, that I support him one hundred percent, no matter what happens! A medic is a great job, even though there are some downsides (as there are to any job), and I know he'll have the opportunity to touch so many people's lives, and I just can't wait to see how everything turns out for him! Anyway, sorry it was kinda long, but I wanted to update everyone...hopefully now that things are movin' right along again, I'll have more to share! :)

By the way, before I go, just had to say...I'm so thankful for you all and love you guys! I love getting on here and reading everyone's stories every day! They give me hope and help me look forward to the future, knowing that you guys are making it or have already made it through! Thank you so much!

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enjoy every second you have! i found out that my boyfriend was leaving 10 days before he had to leave. so just cherish every moment you two have until he leaves, it will all work out! best of luck!!

Enjoy the time you have left, don't dwell on the coming date. I was supposed to have a year after MEPS, but because he got into the SEAL program, they pushed it up 6 months. You never know what will happen when they get their jobs. Be strong for him and good luck!

Two months isn't bad either. Just don't dread the days leading up to it; it'll drive you crazy

Two months is seriously not that bad. I only had a week after my boyfriend went to MEPS, be grateful.