hi. im 16 & my boyfriend is currently a senior in high school. he's planning on making the military his carreer. following in his fathers footsteps. since its the first time I've been put into this situation I dnt no how to act. I want him to be happy. and to have a good future. even if it means being miles away. I don't no what to say to him. I cnt say dnt go becuz I dnt wanna hold him bak. I no im only 16 but I can see a future with him. im just scared that we might not have willing to have a long distance. any advice??
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I agree with everything Tenna said. My situation is a little different, my boyfriend has been in the Navy for almost 4 years now. We weren't together, hadn't even met when he was going to boot camp and stuff, so I knew exactly what I was getting into as soon as I met him. The best thing you can do for him is tell him you are proud of him and will support him in what ever decision he makes. My boyfriend is deployed right now...for almost a YEAR...gotta prepare yourself for those too! He actually emailed me last week after he spoke with his career counselor because he is up for re-enlisting. It really meant a lot to me that he wanted to know how I felt about his terms of re-enlisting. I told him I'd be there supporting him in what ever decision he made. Him being in the Navy is one of the things I love about him. As far as holidays and special events...he'll miss a lot of them and the Navy doesn't care if it's your prom night, birthday, anniversary, etc. But...something you have to realize being in a military relationship is to make all holidays relative. What I mean by that is say for example he misses your prom...have your own prom when he gets back! It may not include the school, or your friends, but what's stopping you two from getting all dressed up, going out to a nice restaurant and find a nice place to dance, even if it is just the two of your having a party.

Hey there i was put into the same situation as you. My boyfirend and i began dating when i was a junior in high school and he was a senior he told me that soon after he graduated he wud be going in the NAVY and of course i was happy for him. But it wasnt until march 8th 2009, the day he left to bootcamp that i really felt LONLEY. I knew he wud still be there and i wud be able to write him but things wud never be the same.<br />
You have to well prepare yourself for him to leave. Make sure this is what u really want and that you can handle him being away because it will hurt. Prepare for him to miss important dates such as your prom,graduation, leaving off to college. Im not saying he wont be there but its a strong possibility that his job might keep him from doing so. My boyfriend missed all three of those major events.<br />
Also prepare yourself for deployments and not being able to speak to him for a long time. <br />
Also one good thing to look forward to is a possible engagment and or promise ring. Even though my bf and i had broken up throughout his A school training and me leaving to college...they will realize your taking on one of the hardest jobs and that is waiting. Back in November, my boyfriend purposed to me and that was 2 months before he left to deployment.<br />
Just just prepare yourself for these things and be strong and one more thing BE INDEPENDENT!!!! it is always important to have your own life and friends and not to spend ALL of your time thinking of him. This will make things go by much faster and before u know it he will be home.