Can't Wait To See Him Again!

I had the best weekend ever. My sailor graduated on friday and we got to se eachother everyday for the full amount of his liberty. He got to come home during the day too because we live close enough. Seeing him reminded me how worth it all of this is. He doesn't leave for A school until wednesday and i can not wait for my first call from him! It was hard to see him walk away but at the same time it just made me more hopeful for the future and now i can;t wait to go visit him in South Carolina. His family and I already have a trip planned!

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Aw im so happy for you! My boyfriend goes to the Coast Guard Academy in CT so he's about 6 hours away from me. I just saw him for two days over Christmas break, after not seeing him for 3 months. Those two days were enough to keep me going, and now I feel more in love than ever. Its hard to be apart after just seeing him, and my heart feels a little broken, but Christmas is in just 3 weeks, and Im dying to see him again! still hopeful. and i know that its all worth it in the end :)<br />
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good luckk!

i just got from my mans graduation too! it was the best weekend ever :) seeing him again was the best and i have never felt so sure of our relationship. im glad you had such a good weekend!

thats good! im guessing you're good with his family which is important too! i went to see my bf graduate with his family and i had no idea i was going! it was really sweet. yes seeing them again is a great feeling and everything just goes into perspective of why you put yourself through it all.