Amazing Graduation

i had the best time this weekend with my amazing bf. hes now a sailor and i am so proud. we got to hang out all his liberty, and we are closer then ever. im so happy to have seen him! i cant wait for him to be out of a-school (15 weeks he starts tuesday) so that i can be with him again and possibly (depending on where he is stationed) move with him. im so happy i dont really know what to write! unfortuanatly some jerk coughed all over my babes food before graduation and on the back of his neck during drill and got him sick, wich in turn now has me sick, but it was totally worth it. im gonna sleep for days when i get home (still in chicago lol) well thats all!

phattsilyangel phattsilyangel
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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Any advice on anything important lol ? I fly up to Illinois Jan. 20 to watch my boyfriend graduate on the 21st i'm excited but extremely nervous!

thanks girls! its amazing! well it sux waiting forever for them to come out they want you there at 7 or so to get good seats but they dont start anything till 9 and they do a band thing and a bunch of stuff with the flags from every state THEN they guys come out and it lasts about another hour max with all the honer grad stuff and comments from cheif guys lol. not super exiting, the best part is when they call liberty and you go running to your guy and he hets to hug you and kis you(not make out just a peck) and when you walk anywhere you can hold his left arm (not hand, ARM like hes escourting you). then after about 15 mins they start closing down the halls, and he either walks you to the parking lot before going and checking in if hes grad-n-go or he gets to go with you and hang out! its awsome!!!!!!!! i hope you girls have a good time!!!!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! congrats girl. omg i cant wait to see my man in 4 weeks it must have been a great experience!..tell your man i said congrats!