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Well, my man finally left for boot camp!

First off, hey. This is my first entry on this topic, (at least I think it is..) so bare with me! His mom was constantly pressuring him to join the navy, so finally he decides to join. After being sworn in and all the fancy stuff up at MEPS, he tells me his job he got offered ships out to boot camp next July.. ( This story started last summer, so if he would have kept this job -- he would be leaving THIS July... )


Anyway, on with my story... I was looking forward to that. I wasn't sure why he had to wait a full year, but I was looking forward to spending my time with him. And focusing on our, then, rocky relationship. He talked to his recruiter about a job change, so his recruiter started looking for a different job... The one Chris wanted. MA, master at arms -- military police. He got an offer to leave in September, but he said no because he wouldn't leave before his brother's wedding... So, his recruiter told him he would continue looking.

Got another offer for October, which later then got moved to November, and then on to December 17, 2009. He was hesitant to take the December job, he called me anxious.. And asked me what to do.. What he should do. And what about us.

I told him in the beginning, I was not going to be selfish with his career in hand. I told him demandingly, take this job. Don't worry about me. Just TAKE THIS JOB. It is a wonderful opportunity, and the sooner the better. 

He called his recruiter back, and then went through all the paper work and faxing everything. And then two days later, his recruiter called him and said it was a no go. He had waiting too long to accept the job offer, that they lost it. And he would probably expect some other open seats by the end of January. Chris was relieved, but I wasn't anything more than pissed.

I hate waiting. I hate knowing he's leaving, and not knowing when. You know ladies? Well, he didn't hear from his recruiter at all throughout January. We flew to Florida to visit his mom, and about a week before we were due back home -- his mom texted us telling us he HAD to text his recruiter ASAP. So, he does. And he has good news. A job offer, MA. Leaves at the end of the month, February... February 24th, 2010.

It was all so soon, and Chris was hesitating but I insisted he accept the job. So, he does. Afterward, we go through all the filing, paperwork and faxing all over again. He signs his contract, and sends it on its way. 

I only found out two weeks before he was leaving that he would be leaving. I was nervous more than anything, but excited and happy for him at the same time. 


He's been gone five days now. And I do miss him more than ever. I haven't received a letter yet, but I know it will take time. I accept that. I write him everyday, and my notebook is being filled. I can't send out the letters until I know his address... So, for that I wait. 


this was a really long story, I'm sorry (: but, thank you for all those who actually read through it all. 

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welll, that's definitely something i'll have to be looking forward to then! thanks for the warning! <br />
<br />
awh, that's good. (: this website is helping me out a lot, too! <br />

ahah thats really good :)...weve only been together for 7 months, but we were really good friends before we started going out so we knew a lot about each other..and he got to boot camp on Feb 8th..those first few days were hell for me...but then i found this website and it helped a lot

FYI, be prepared mentally cuz being an MA requires a LOT of studying (and less communicating). A school was a breeze for my fiance until he got stationed here in Bangor, WA to guard the nuclear weapons. He is still in his pre-orientation program and they're trying to weed out a lot of people. He has to memorize 17 pages packet verbatum, as well as taking 17 online tests during his first week of pre-orientation. Just an early warning to be prepared for something after a school :)

Oh, yes! After giving him my number for the just in case call, I always have my phone on me. And definitely answer every phone call! Even when I hear my house phone ring, I can't help but get my hopes up each and every time... Even though I know it won't be him. I just can't help myself. Thanks for the words of encouragement, though! It really means a lot! How long have you and you fiance been together, and when did he go to boot camp!? (:

hey girl, i know its hard, my fiance and i spent everyday together from the day that we started going out till the day that he left...he was very hesitant on leaving because when he signed up he wasnt seeing anyone, but then we started going out and he got really scared on what would happen between us..i told him that i would still be here for him no matter what..and i told him that if he didnt take the job, or went on this life long experience, he would grow up regreting it...so he left...it sucks at first but it will get soo much better, i promise you..you wont get a letter for about 2 weeks in of his boot camp days, but trust me , when you get those letters, youre going to want to go there and kidnap him ahahaha.i wanted to, but his letters help me get through my days because in every letter he wrote about how he couldnt wait to marry me, and he also wrote about how his days were going and how there were great signs that happened to him in boot camp that he knew that we were meant to be...just keep your head up, and keep writing to him...also they may get a to call like 2 or 3 weeks that theyre in there, so just make sure you have your phone on you at all times.