My Experiences With My Sailor

Well I had a friend named Jon who joined the Navy, and sometime after his basic training well he was stationed in Penscola, FL he introduced to a friend of his Brad in January. He was a nice guy, from a good family so we decided to start to dating. And things were good for awhile until I had to go back up NorthI had been visiting relatives down in Florida so I got a chance too hang with him for awhile. I told him I'd come visit again on spring break and I gave him my cell number. Well when I got back home I found out my great grandma had taken a turn for the worse and would be living much longer so I told him I couldnt visit. He said he totally understood. Things were doing good for while like like he'd text everyday then it was other then it was once a week then May came and he broke things off. But Then in October I was cleaning out my phone and I'm like hey let's text brad. I just text hey how ru? He responded Im good ,how ru. So I text back I've been better. Lol. Then i quickly text u single? Then he stopped texting for awhile and later that I got that sux and yea I am. Then i bravely texted would u wanna get back together. He text back I get leave in december come see me...and most likely. So then we started dating again but I didnt hear from him til december 17th this is what he does. At this point in he told me that he was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. Then he texted a few days later on New years telling me to come visit him in Kentucky at his parents. While in kentucky it was awesome we woke together and fell sleep. And he took care of me when i was too drunk. His parents loved me and even invited me to move there if I wanted. He said no though. Then four days later it was back to reality I cried as my parents drove out the gas station and i watched him go.I went on home the 6th because of college, but he text me every night til his leave was over on the 14th. I also learned I was pregnant with later in january, so i text him and told him and he wasn't thrilled actually at first he told me to get an abortion. But as time went on he changed his mind and got excited about becoming a dad. Then I had this huge fight with my parents and my mom hit me and i ended staying at a friends for while even though he told me i should move out. I had a miscarriage in mid-February the week his grandma died, and he was really depressed, but we talked it over were and were try again. I'm going to Virginia the first and second weeks of March starting on the 4th to visit him, look for apartments, and visit a college. I'm so excited!

Blueeyedgoddess7 Blueeyedgoddess7
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010