My 2nd Phone Call!!!! :D

so i just got my 2nd phone call from my baby today!!!! i swear, everytime i hear his voice i fall into a deeper love with him. but it was so funny because while i was at work, i was talking to my friend telling her how the gum that i was eating, he would always eat, and how i missed him so much, and the next minute i hear my phone soon as i saw the 847 area code....I STARTED SCREAMING AND JUMPING!!! i felt like such a little girl ahaha but i didnt care..

we got to talk for almost 30 was AMAZING!!!!..he told me that he was so happy to hear my voice, and how he wanted to marry me as soon as possible, because he loves me so much and he cant wait till 2012 to marry i told him that i would!. it was soooo amazing..then he said how he couldnt wait to get out because boot camp was probably worse than jail, and how he cant wait to drive his car..he also said that he was getting muscular because of all of the working out his leader makes them do. unfortunately he has laundry duty with 3 other guys but the 3 guys got fired, so it is just him doing the laundry for 70 people..

he finally got my letters, and he said that he was happy reading all of them..i was soo happy when he told me he got them, because i know how alone he felt for those first 2 weeks that he didnt get mail since he just got to boot camp....but i wont keep writing.ahaha i was just sooo happy to hear that voice again and for him to tell me he wanted me to be his wife as soon as possible. and i can honestly say that even though being a navy girlfriend/fiance/wive is a full time duty job, and its very emotional...i love being one!!!!! and i love supporting him EVERY step of the way!

foreveryours16 foreveryours16
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010