Life Is Changing

I just knew from my bf that he doesnt get pick up from AIT which mean he will have to go on a ship in a month or two and he will find out about his order in a couple day. I'm pretty sad and not sure how to deal with it yet.:/

sweetsailor sweetsailor
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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

My boyfriend is on a destroyer...just deployed on Valentine's's definitely stressful...but if your relationship is strong, you'll get through it and more than likely be stronger. Thomas hasn't even been gone a month and I miss him like crazy! I can tell you their deployments are long...but they normally get to go to a lot of interesting places. My boyfriend actually sent me some pictures he took in Portugal last week! It's both exciting and stressful. I'm so excited for him that he gets to see so much of the world...but waiting for his return is going to be stressful!