Uh-oh With The Addresses!

I just double checked my boyfriend's address, and I found out that I'd left off an 8 on the end of his zip code (so it's 60088-7103 and I put 6008-7103). Has this ever happened to anyone else? Will it still get to him?? 

I'm inwardly freaking out right now, I mean, I have copies of the letters (long story short is: I get graded on the amount of personal writing I do in one of my classes, I should ACE that part of my grade!)So should I consider re-writing and sending them? I feel like such a screw up!

Also, he's gotten my house number wrong everytime he's mailed his letters to me, yet they get to me, is my mailman correcting this?


Please reply ASAP, I'm going on a trip this weekend and I can't check this site while I'm on the road. AAAAHHHHHHH!

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

My mom used to work for the postal service...her job ALL shift was to look at scanned envelopes and check the addresses to make sure everything was correct and correct things that were a little off...so you should have no troubles. Worst that could happen is it get sent back to you, you correct it, and send it right back. :-)

im sure it will get to him, dont worry, and if it doesnt, it will just be sent back to you so its not the end of the world. :)