Sigonella Italy

hey girls

well my sailor has to be in sigonella by april 5 and he has to be packed by the 16 of this month...

im really bummed because he has neg leave so there is a huge chance he'll go straight to italy

but my heart is still hopefull that maybe he'll come home before.. i know is not his choice but

if he doesnt come home before italy i have a feeling i wont see him till xmas ...

im keeping strong and staying busy but if anyone is going thru anything similar or will be stationed overseas

it will be awesome to stay in touch


and stay strong girls

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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

thank you all for ur comments and support i really appreciate it<br />
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LyndsJ is he deployed in italy? whats his job? yeah im trying to get everything together just in case he cant come down here (i live in south texas ) but i at least have to wait till the summer cause of skwl<br />
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babiisxoxnat thank u and please keep ur fingers close lol<br />
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blueblanket he wants to make a career out of it and i support him so i guess i gotta get use to it lol but well its always tough at first.....and afterwards too lol<br />
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db 92 thanks for ur good thoughts :)

My boyfriend isn't stationed overseas...but he just deployed there. He just ported in Israel today...I miss him so much! I would recommend getting things together to get your passport if you don't already have it...that way you can go visit him over there sometime! :-)

awww im soo sorry keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get to see him before he leaves

I'm sorry that's he's going to be so far away. How long is he going to be in (the navy) for?

Wow, Italy? I'm so sorry! I hope he gets leave so you can see him! I know that's what I would want too.