Navy Girlfriends On Facebook!

so i was wondering how many of you navy girlfriends/wives/fiances have facebooks..and if we can all be friends on them :)


mine is or natalie ramirez

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18-21, F
15 Responses Mar 5, 2010

if any of u have been looking for me try again the reason i couldnt b found was because only friends could search for me turned that off now tho my email xxx

feel free to add me, Sarah Sharpe or

mine is me :-)

Feel free to add me. :) Caitlin Pinkerton or

Feel free to add me. :) Caitlin Pinkerton or


ill add you , and if any of you ladies would like to add me , my name is Yaritza E. Guzman Cruz :)

ahahah yeah same i couldnt figure out which one you were sierra

I looked you up Sierra! But there are like seven Sierra Bakers! Lol, which one are youu?! Or you can just add me!

also if u are intrested i have a group on facebook sailors WAGS u will need to send a request but im on there most of the day xx

feel free to add me to V-Jay Walton or by xx

Breanna Horrocks.. or :]

u can find me!! Sierra Baker!

hey ladies! add me too. . or by my name, kelsey formo. i'll add you two!

look me up too.<br />