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Hello boyfriend is planning on joining the Navy..and I'm a little nervousI've heard that the chance of us making it through is you guys think that's true? We've known. Each other for about 4 yrs, we hung out with each other for about 2 yrs before saying were official boyfriend/girlfriend..well a lot of blabbing I know I'm just worried..I don't know how its going to work out..I wanna be positive but..I'm really nervous..
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I'm curious of why exactly you think there's a slim chance of you guys making it? In my opinion, if your relationship is strong, it will hold through anything. It definitely won't be easy...and will take some work to get creative with communication, but if you have a strong can get through it. He won't always be there...but who says YOUR birthday has to fall on the day you were born? Celebrate it when you guys are together! Same with all holidays. My boyfriend just deployed on Valentine's Day. He had to leave to go to the ship that morning. Because of that, we had our Valentine's Day on Friday, February 12th. He's going to miss both of our birthdays...but we'll just celebrate those some time when he gets back. :-) I don't know all the details about boot camp and stuff since my boyfriend has been in the Navy going on 4 years...but I know some deployments are VERY be prepared to be able to be without him several months at a time and support him through it, always telling him how much you love him and are proud of what he does.

Being in the Navy will give him a great life. When someone finds out my boyfriend is in the Navy they say good for him or that's great. Indeed it is emotionally difficult but they do come home and you do communicate. Its scary but if you love eachother you will find a way to make it work. I had fears and my boyfriend didn't. I asked him straight up if it was worth us being together and he said yes. I do get scared still and my bf's been an official sailor since december. Stay positive. Its surely more interesting than regular couples. Take it day by day and don't stress yourself or your boyfriend about it. And more importantly do things for yourself. Take care!

it's definitely something he should do, if he wants to. it will be hard. all the ups and downs, and twists and turns every branch of the military brings people and loved ones. don't listen to what you hear, honey. there are a lot of couples who break up after boot camp or A school, but there are a lot more couples who get through the times torn apart. be that couple. if you love him, you shouldn't hold him back from doing this. it's something that will better his life, and set a foundation for you two to form one on top of. you always have us ladies here on EP, and you can join the groups on facebook to talk about your situation and get tons of advice while you're going through the first steps. <br />
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don't worry, just stay positive. if he ends up joining, this will be so awesome for him. and you. there are so many perks. (: <br />
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i hope that helped..