Fake B*tches!!! Arggg >:o

so last night i went out with my girl friend to my friend's house and of course all of the girls that love to talk **** were there..and im minding my own business then im standing there talking to my friend..and we both look and all of the girls that love to talk were just talking and looking back at us...as much as i wanted to go up and say something i knew i shouldnt of because in the end they just look very immature..and then they start grilling my friend's girlfriend for now reason..by that time i just wanted to slap a *****.ahah sorry i know that im like cursing a lot it just gets me angry..but then they start looking back and talking more **** about me and my friend cause i saw them looking and then looking away, and this girl's boyfriend made it so obvious cause he was sitting there just like staring...so then she gets up to go to the bathroom, and was like "NAT I DIDNT EVEN SEE YOU THERE!!" and gave me a hug but i didnt hug her back i was just like ummm sure cause u just werent talking **** *****!? but i didnt say it outloud cause i wanted to look like the mature one....

my point of this story is it sucks when you cant go out and have a good time with people that you like being around because there are always going to be fake ******* that pretend to be your friend to your face and then talk about you behind your back..and it makes me start missing my fiance even more, because he always knew what to say to just make me feel better..but im sooo happy i get to see him in 25 days!

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thanks girls!! you girls really know how to lift my spirits ahaha :)..and yeah what i have basically been doing like if i see them at parties i just say hi but i dont talk to them..im keeping my distance away from them especially since one of them was my ex best friend since she was inlove with him and then once found out that we were together, she got so pissed and all of the girls turned their backs on me, but it wasnt my fault that we clicked.

Well, just like the others said, you will always have people like that around you. The only thing you can do it to weed them out. Stand up for yourself. I don't mean to be aggressive but you shouldn't be passive aggressive either where you pile up all your emotion and be pissed at them but do nothing but ***** about it. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad or offend you but I used to be like you and I was in your situation when I was still in college.<br />
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What I did back then was I finally stood up for myself and told the girls that was talking trash about me: "keep on gossiping, I don't care. Just stay the h*ll out of my life and don't act as if you're my friend because frankly, I don't want anything to do with you." After that, sure they kept on talking trash about me but I felt better for weeding them out of my life because they didn't try to act as if they were my friends anymore. Those who were my real friends stayed friends and that was all I needed. <br />
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Hope you are staying strong! The best solution is to get rid of those people once and for all, and let them b*tch about you, who cares.<br />
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"Great mind discuss ideas... Average mind discuss events... Small mind discuss people" <br />
-Elanor Roosevelt.

DRAMA!!! it follows us everywhere just keep strong 25 days is nothing... ( i like to count in weeks cause i feel like it will go faster lol but 25 days is almost nothing so just keep strong for him) dont let the bull **** get to u, if u think about it most of the time those who are closer to u are those who dislike u the most (frenemies), and even in the military u will probably meet a lot of (wives, fiancee, gfs) who love drama and talk s**t but as long as there is trust between u and ur man there is nothing to worry about, we already have a tough time without their bs so is best to just ignore it

ugh yeah i just cant wait for my man to come home...and then i see my ex best friend write this on her facebook wall...but idk if its about me..i feel like it is but this is what she wrote <br />
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"its funny how some people put on a show of what a good person they are to other people but in reality there just a huge peice of ****" and it better not be about me, because the last thing i want is drama!

man that kind of stuff NEVER ends! its made me drop pretty much all civilians. i dont have time for that **** i have a life to live and you do too! so good job neing the mature one and just ignoring them, if you go out and just do your thing and dont even acknowledge them and let them see you happy, it will **** them off a lot! so have some fun with it!lol

They never go away...no matter how old you get. Unfortunately this happens a lot with Navy wives too...you'll have the ones that stay faithful and are always there for their sailor and to support each other. Unfortunately there are others that just wait for their men to go away so they can party with their friends and other guys. I'm serious...I've seen it and I've also seen them try to cover up other's dirty secrets.

i hate fake ******* too... theres nothing worse. and i feel you,my man always knew exactly what to say to make me laugh and not give a **** anymore. youre almost there!! 25 days isnt too long, stay strong :)