I Hate This... But Dont We All

hey ladies is me again

ok so i am officially freaking out

for those who are reading my stories for the first time my sailor is going to be stationed in italy and he leaves sometimes this month...

ok so its 10:35 and i havent heard anything from him since 8 o clock and it was a text msg...

we havent talked since 10 this morning .... other than thats its only been txt....

i hate this because im etting this feeling like what if he is coming and thats y he only txts or wut if he is coming and thats y he hasnt called/???

and i know im pretty much getting worked up for nothing and he'll probably call later to say he was busy or something

but as im going thru this feelings i started thinking of all the times when we get so exited but at

the same time afraid to even get exited because of the let down.. lol

anyway last night i dream that he was coming home so now im even more anxious...

i have class tommorow but i feel so restless and worried and exited...

ahhhh! the life of standing behing ur sailor is full of soo many emotions ...

haha well just thought i should share this with u girls incase one day u feel like u are going nuts for being

on a similar situation

im right there with u :)

dmtz14 dmtz14
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

good it turns out that he had his phone on silence lol but im still hoping he comes home

its so emotional and so worth it :)<br />
<br />
how did everything end up working out for you??