92 Days

til my BF leaves for boot camp. the days go by so fast , im really not looking foward to it , cause u hate goodbyes and i really dont take it very well. I get very sentimental, but i know i can get through it. Question :  what happend if my bf has a car? what do they do with it?  i was just curious

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8 Responses Mar 8, 2010

thankss :) thats a great idea!

hey hun :) stay strong specially for him, oh btw if u dont think ull survive without hearing his voice (most of us cant lol) make sure u ask him to record a voicemail. when my bf left for bootcamp i asked him to leave me a voicemail telling me goodnight :) believe me that helped me survive :)

Depending on where he gets stationed and how long they will actually ship it down for them, at least that's what my boyfriend was telling me.

ohh okay thanks you guys for answering my questions

yeah after boot camp if he has any days off and he goes home he could take the car with him [=

As for his car that's up to him. My bf kept his.

i will moss defff do that :)

It'll be okay. That's a long time. Chersh every second and take a lot of pictures and videos