This Is How Unpredictable Deployments Are...

So my boyfriend emailed me early yesterday morning  (my time, Eastern) and told me his ship had ported in Israel.  Since then I've been looking forward to him calling.  He said he was going to get to the nearest pay phone as soon as he got off watch.  then I didn't hear from him for the rest of the day.  Then today I get this email:



"Actually you can scratch the whole ported thing, we are no longer there.  I am a little pissed off at the moment, but I think that may be mix of not sleeping since yesterday morning, and being on watch literally from midnight to up until 730 tonight and I come on watch again at 1000, and the fact that 10 minutes prior to cancelling our port I exchanged 100 dollars to the sheckle and cant re-exchange I am now the proud owner of 372 useless sheckles.....oh and my tour of Jerusalem also got cancelled, which is why I had 372 sheckles, but oh well like in Forrest Gump "**** happens".  So stuff happened when we pulled in and our plans changed.  I Love you sweetie and I will get some pictures of something when I can.

Hey love, I am so sorry that I couldn’t give you a heads up about the internet going to be down, but due to certain restrictions and what not I wasn’t able to.  I hope that you are doing good and that you had a wonderful weekend.  I was really looking forward to getting to actually talk to you, but I will have to wait.  I love you so much sweetheart and I miss you like crazy.  I haven’t done much today, we were given a holiday day because of everything yesterday.  But I have work to do, I love you and cant wait to actually send you a message....oh I loved the cards by the way." 


So...yea...those of you who haven't gone through a deployment, be prepared to NOT be in the loop on things, for their security, of course, but it still sucks!  I'm glad he at least got some of the mail I've been sending him though.  There's a plus. :-)

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

this gives me hope! cant wait till i get in contact with my boyfriend !