Question For All The Navy Girls Out There Who Live On Base

soo i was wondering in order to live on base do you have to be married to your navy man and how long do you have to wait till he knows when you can come and live with him?

anyone please let me know. thanks :)

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ohhh noo :( im sorry i hope youre doing okay!!

mine is a gunnersmate he already graduated a-skwl and got stationed in europe :( lol it suxs

Yep...definitely gotta be married. The navy doesn't support girlfriends what so ever. Honestly, it makes sense because most girlfriends don't last that long since we don't have an easy road. Definitely right about the SSN. You actually might as well get ready to memorize the whole thing because that will be your insurance policy number with tricare once you guys do get married. The one awesome thing about that though is your military ID card is your insurance no insurance card to keep up with! :-)

hahah ohh mannn this sounds like a lot of work ahaha, but i guess its good to do stuff now and while hes in A school cause we'll be able to communicate better cause right now since hes in boot camp its hard to talk about wedding and moving on base and all of this...but dmtz14, my fiance is going for aviation-air traffic control..what about yours?

As dmtz14 said, you need to wait until he gets stationed somewhere that is not a danger zone in order for you to be able to live on base with him (and yes, you need to be on a waiting list). What me and my fiance (husband in a couple of days woohoo!) do is we sign up to receive the BAH so we can live off base since we are both from WA where he is stationed at so we have all we need, our cars, etc. Plus you get to pocket the rest of the BAH (non-taxable, yeah!) and do whatever you want with it. Oh, and you also need to be granted the power of attorney so you can take care of things in case he is deployed and you need to get into his Navy Federal bank acc, etc.

u cant do anything without them lol navy ladies ussually joke around and say that we might as well forget about or ss# since we wont need it for anything lol so yeah also if he asks u to do most of the paperwork u will need some kind of appeal but he has to ask in his new base about all that stuff (in the military u are his dependant and well they take that word litteral so u need that paper "appeal" is just a paper that says that ur husband knows everything that u are doing) and u also need his last four for all the tricare stuff too (thats their medical thing) also make sure u get ur military id as soon as u guys get married cause u will be restricted without it. :) what is ur fiancees rate (job)

thankss :) wait why would i need to know his last 4 numbers of his social?

yes u have to be married and u have to wait until he finishes a school and gets his orders, once he gets his orders (and if u guys are married) he has to sign up on the waiting list. make sure u also find out as much info as u can from his stationed site specially dealing with base housing and make sure u know by heart his last 4 (the last four numbers of his social ) :D good luck

I've always heard the only way to live on base with him is you two are married. :)

from what i've heard yes you do