Why Does It Feel Like Its Just Getting Harder? :(

so my fiance has 3 (soon to be 2 weeks on friday) to go, and i just keep getting even more depressed than ever...i try to do stuff to keep me busy, but i just dont have any motivation to keep myself going:(..

im missing the sound of his voice, and i have to wait till thursday to get his letters, and i hope that it will bring a smile to my face...i mean dont get me wrong girls, im soo happy that he is out there trying his best, and i support him 150%, but im missing everything we used to do. and EVERYTHING reminds me of him, or everywhere i go, i see his face.

i was trying to do my homework before and i couldnt so i ended up taking a nap because i just wasnt feeling like myself..then i ended up waking up every 5 minutes because i kept seeing his face..and i just kept looking at my phone to see if hed call.but nothing :(..why is it that he only has 23 days left and im just getting very emoitional?

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i hate that everything reminds me of my bf but at the same time it comforts me.

ahahah thanks WTbeals..yeah i actually went out before with my girl friend and i realized that tomorrow will be another day shorter to seeing him and i shouldnt be upset because i know he wouldnt like to see me upset..and talking to his parents make me feel better because im not the only one going through something like this..his family are as well so its nice that we can just sit and talk and make each other feel better.

he is still in bootcamp, right? well hang in there. You need to force yourself to not to keep on thinking about him and having your life revolve around him. The more you think about him constantly, the harder it's going to be. Keep yourself busy and tell yourself that the world keeps on moving with or without him around you so why sulk and waste your time instead of studying? He's busting his a** off over there so cheer up and keep on doing your school work.<br />
It's going to be lonely also for a while after he goes to A school also although better since you can hear his voice, but seriously, get ahold of yourself and force yourself out of this sadness because there's no point in it. You'll get to see him in a few weeks. Be strong! :)

My boyfriend graduates in 17 days and I'm feeling the same way! I think it's that we're so close but so far from seeing them. Just keep thinking positive and come up with things to do and show him when you finally get to see him (:

thanks! :) ive been doing a lot of research for us getting married :) haah

I think its because you know he's almost done so you're getting excited. I got that way too cept actually not as restless. I got more excited. But its normal to feel what you're feeling. My bf has a school for like 2 more months and I'm getting restless

hey girl keep strong i agree with dwaik love is like wine :D dont focus so much on the negative instead do stuff that wil make ur day go by faster (exercise, clean, spend time in the web, read, ect.) and dont think so much on how long its been instead think about how each day u wake up is one less day until u get to see him again :)

Nice 2 c emotion at play........now compose ur self and do ur home work darling cos love is like wine... it tastes better as it grows older u aint cn nothing yet.... hearts grow f**nder when a loved one is away