Flying Out To Visit Tomorrow!

Hey girls!

I haven't been on in awhile. I just am popping in to say that tomorrow I will be flying out to California to see my boyfriend for the first time since he left for basic (which was just before thanksgiving). I am SO excited and SO nervous. We talked on the phone tonight and I am just all... nervous! Haha. If anyone has any advice for when you are seeing your man after a very long absence your input would be much appreciated! Otherwise, wish me luck! I wish all of you all the best!!

Minnesotagirl21 Minnesotagirl21
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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Oh that stinks but you're seeing him now! Lol so yea seeing them again is a relief but anxiety too. I hate that. Enjoy every second!

Thanks guys :) I hope I'll be relieved! No, I didn't get to go to his Graduation, he was grad and go.

Yay! That's awesome girl! Have a safe flight, safe trip and HAVE FUN!

It'll be so relieving! Did you go see your boyfriend when he graduated? When my boyfriend gets stationed (hopefully still in the US) I'm going to visit him but I'm nervous. Have fun!