I Am A Navy Girlfriend. I'm Not New To All Of This, But Here Is My Story.

Well, I am dating a wonderfulll guy name Brandon. He is a Nuke going to power school right now in charleston. In four months we will be heading up to new york to go to prototype. Part of me can't wait and then the other part of me doesn't want it to come. In part because I was raised here in charleston.

Well, a little more about Brandon and I. We meet while he was here in A school, through my old boyfriend who is also down here in the navy. We hung out and were just friends for a while and just started dating this past valentines day. Like I said though I'm not new to all of this. I went through a lot of things with my ex, and my dad and uncles and cousins are all navy! hooah! Brandon and I are learning new things each and every day about each other and we are always laughing. I love it so much! We just got our first "son". Tyson, a black lab mutt mix :) haha.  I really am soo glad to have met bradond. He treats me like the princess I am :) haha.

Well, I guess thats all I have for now. If you want to know anything else just ask me :) 

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No, I'm not in the navy. I couldn't do it! haha.

aww are you in the navy as well?