My boyfriend and I have been together almost 3 months now, but most of it has actually been long distance. We met through my college roommate when he came up for a football game last October and decided to keep in touch afterwards. I go to USC, and in December, I finally made it down to Charleston to visit him. We started officially dating a week later.  I knew from the time I met him that he was going to be going away to basic in February, but I couldn't help falling for him anyway. After we started dating I got to see him maybe every other weekend, but we talked on the phone non stop, and before I knew it, he was saying that he loved me, and I was saying it back. That is a big deal for me too, because I have never told any other guy that I loved him...but there was just something about him.  When he left for bootcamp in Chicago on Feb. 10th, I pretty much cried my eyes out because I knew it'd be 2 months at least before I'd see him again, and suddenly it was just all so real.

I think because most of our relationship has been long distance, I've been able to handle the whole not seeing him thing fairly well.  The hardest part has just been wanting to talk to him so badly, and just hear his voice, but having absolutely no way to. The happiest day for me was when his mom finally got in touch with me to give me his address a couple weeks after he left, and I've been writing him every day since. So far I've gotten about 11 letters back from him, which always completely makes my day, and this Tuesday I actually got a phone call from him. I could hardly believe it when I answered the phone and heard his voice on the other end...ah 45 min was totally not long enough, but the best gift I could have possibly gotten.

I guess I'm really just looking for some support. My boyfriend graduates April 9th, and I feel like I'm going crazy waiting until then lol.  The worst part is, my family doesn't support our relationship at all. Even though I just turned 21 and he's about to be 20, my parents seem to think that this is just some stupid infatuation and keep telling me that the relationship will never work. They keep telling me that even if we do stay together, he's liable to end up cheating on me while he's away, and then I'll just have wasted a whole bunch of time waiting for nothing.  And my dad just keeps asking me why I can't just find someone at my college that will actually be around.  They don't understand that I have found the right guy, and we really do love each other. He wants me to move with him wherever he is as soon as a graduate college. Unfortunately, all of my family's comments keep seeping into my head making me doubt everything, until a letter comes from him saying how much he loves me.  Thank goodness for his family having some faith in us or I don't know what I'd do.  They invited me to fly up to Chicago with them to attend his Graduation so I'll actually have a chance to see him, even if just for a little while...

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dont worry girl if he loves you he will be faithful to you till the day he dies...i know its hard because theyre not here to tell us that everything will be okay, but you have to remember that EVERYTHING will be okay..my fiance graduates april 2nd..its soo exciting..and thats amazing that you get to go to his graduation..keep your head up girl.dont let anyone bring you or say anything bad about your relationship..its you and him. noone else