Hope Time Goes By Fast

i just learned that my boyfriend comes back from deployment august 3rd! im excited because i actually won a trip to vegas from my work today for anytime in august! its a two night stay at MGM grand in a suite! im so excited because when he comes back we can take this trip! its gonna be the best suprise ever! now i just want him to hurry and come home! but till that happens lets just stay busy. tonight is probably the last time will talk because hes going underway until he ports again. i just hate how i cry every night still! i wanna stop crying but i cant!

vsando11 vsando11
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

thanks girls for the support! Its just so hard not having him around! I just cant wait for this and to blueblanket his depoloyment started like 3 weeks ago! I just wish time went by fast! and thanks for all the encouraging words because it really means alot :]

aww girl dont cry :(.. just look at all of the wonderful things you guys have went through, and just think that he is doing this for the both of you. and congrats on the trip!! youre soo lucky..but you guys will have an AMAZING time in vegas, and im sure that time will fly by. keep that head up.

I'm sorry that you're in pain, but congrads on winning the trip that's reallly awesome! That'll be a great thing for you guys, good luck and feel better. When did his deployment start?