2 Weeks!

I can honestly say that time has FLOWN by.  I can't believe it's almost been 2 months since I've seen my boyfriend.

I've gotten 4 or 5 letters from him and a 3 minute phone call.  Girls who get the 20-45 minute phone calls, consider yourself lucky!

I'm leaving for Chicago in 12 days and I'm so unbelievably anxious.  I don't know what to do with myself!

I know that seeing him is going to be absolutely amazing but knowing that I'm just going to have to say goodbye for another 14 weeks is killing me.

St. Patrick's Day is our 3 months (even though we've been "together" for much longer) and I'm giving a speech for one of my communcation classes on "Honor, Courage & Commitment".  I'm wearing his celtic "navy" shirt that he gave me before he left and I'm so excited!

Also! I stopped by his house today to get his phone so that I can overnight mail it to him once he moves over to A-school.  I turned it on to see if it was charged or if he needed his sim card or anything, and everything is still in there.  It opened to his texts from me....the few hours before he left for Great Lakes.

"Looks like this is it baby, they're here and we're boarding the bus to go to base now.  I love you so much and I'll talk to you as often as I can."

I've been crying for a good hour.  It's a mix between joy and sadness, anxiousness and nervousness.

I just cannot wait to see him!

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8 Responses Mar 12, 2010

OMG!! We Have Less Then 36 Hours! Are You As Excited As Me! I Leave To Catch My Plane At 5 am and here it is 1 and I have so many butterflies in my stomach that I can't even sleep! I feel the same way I did when we first started dating! What about you?? How stoked are you?!?!

I know I was hella pissed at myself for not waking up! I even set my alarm for 7 am this wekend but he didn't call :( <br />
what division is your boyfriend in? Tyler is in 136. He was 1of 2 people to get expert shooter with the 9mm. I'm hella proud of him he has been doing so well there! <br />
What hotel are you staying at? I'm gonna be at the Days Inn. I'm so ready for it to be the 26th already! <br />
I miss my man damn it!!!! Lol!!!

Really?! That's awesome! You're the first one I've talked to that's the same day haha.<br />
That's great that you got a long phone call! But it must have been really hard to miss the other one. I would probably DIE. My phone is on me and loud at ALL times haha. I even told my professors that if my phone rang in the middle of class I would have to step outside to take it.

10 Days Now! My boyfriend is graduating on the 26th too! <br />
And I was one of the lucky girls with a 20 min long convo, but i'm 2 hours ahead of him so he called the following Saturday at 7 am and I missed the call cause I was sleeping! I was so pissed at myself!!

ahhhh girll thats soo exciting!! i have 20 more to go!!! im like anxious, nervous, and like depressed, cause i just want the day to come ahahah..but im happy you get to see your man in 12 days!!!

Tha'ts soo exciting! :) I can't wait until that day comes! I love hearing about how you can actually make it through! Haha, it makes me feel better and like I can survive too! Have fun in Chicago! :)

I hope so! Thanks girll. Keep counting down! (:

Aw girl! I bet those 12 days will fly by. I've got 28 left and I keep counting them down day by day! But I'm sure you'll have an amaaazing time in Chicago, and remember, at least for the 14 weeks he'll be able to have technology again! So no more just writing letters or 3 min phone calls!