A Little Bummed..

my boyfriend is graduating A school at the beginning of april.. and we were anticipating a few weeks of hold time before a spot opened up in his C school class. so, i have been sorta "expecting" him home towards the end of may-beginning of june time range because his C school is only 6 weeks long. however, my boyfriend went to ask about when he would be starting up C school today.. and his detailer said that there might not be an opening in a class until the end of may.. or beginning of june. i am just so bummed.. now he probably wont be home till mid july. i know that nothing is for sure yet, and they're saying that they MIGHT open up more classes so maybe it will still work out.. i just feel like him coming home is so far away, and that it just keeps getting further, and further away. i wish the time would pass quickly... rather than dragging on.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

thanks guys :] im just feeling down.. and four more months just doesnt help.

Awww, i'm sorry. :( He'll be home sooner than you know it and it'll all be worth it! I hope everything works out the way you hope! :)

aww girl keep your head up..he will be out of there in no time i have 20 days left till my fiance gets out of boot camp..but keep your head up girl. and i hope everything works out for you and your boyfriend!!