Missing Him

i am from the uk and my boyfriend is away training and hardly ever calls me but he sed he wud call one night and didnt so i called him back and he wouldnt answer my calls or txts-so i sent a angry txt and i apologized but he still has not replied-i begged him to call me or txt me but nothing-he had the oppertunity to call me yesterday coz he was out drinking-so why not call me-this is really upsetting me-can someone give me advice on what to do pls

katiep12 katiep12
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

ya he really doesnt seem worth it someone who loves you wouldve already gotten in contact with you to try and work it out not be out partying. you deserve better. give him like 3 days max and if hes still being an ***, no matter how much you love him, let him go.