She Keeps Dragging My Boyfriend's Name Through The Mud.

I've had past drama with a girl at my school. She thinks she saw my boyfriend cheating last summer when we first got together. It was one of those times where everyone hears the rumor before you and so the person who started it isn't even the one to say it to your face. Anyway, I asked my boyfriend and he said he never did. I believe him. I know his character, I know he loves me and we never lie to each other.

Today, I was with the girl (not by choice) and I mentioned my boyfriend. Which lead to her asking questions and eluding to the fact that she still very much believes that she saw him that night. It's been almost 9 months since this issue started and she chooses to bring it up. Why is it people tend to bring things back up when we're most vulnerable?

I don't doubt that he's faithful, I know that he loves me... but I just want to talk to him. To have your boyfriend accused of that is not easy to deal with, and it's not like I can pick up the phone to call him while he's in bootcamp. This girl was unneccesarily hurtful and rude. She has no idea the trust I put in my boyfriend and the hardships we all go through as Navy Girlfriends. I just need some support right now.

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stay strong girl! she is just jealous that you have such an awesome thing going on with your man, and she wants to make you as miserable as she is. just think about how much your boyfriend loves you, and how much he is missing you. you'll see him again before you know it, and it will all work out :]

Oh sweetie!! I'm soo sorry. I went through the same thing, but thankfully it was while he was still home. :( Don't let her get to you. I know that's much easier said than done but it's the truth. She's just being a stupid witch. I agree. She prbobably just liked your boyfriend and never got over the fact that he picked you over her. Just remember that he loves you and he's thinking about you all the time and can't wait to see you!! His graduation will be here before you know it and everything will be alright. Stay strong hun!! :)

i was going to comment but then i realized everything linsaysay said is what i was going to say lol.

awww hun, dont worry about stupid b*tches, she just wants to get under your skin and its working. we all have to put a lot of faith in our men, and the distance only makes you stronger and people dont realize that. if you trust him, dont let some bimbo ruin that for you. she doesnt know your relationship, you do. i know its really tough right now with him being gone right now, i know i had some serious doubts and confusion while my man was gone, but i promise that everything will be alright and as soon as you hear his voice again, everything will be better. you can do this! stay strong and dont let people get to you!! ;)