Take Some Getting Used To

Idk how it happended but I just fell into a crying fit, silent one though but anyways I was just scared cause It never occured to me that my boyfriend would have all these new friends and now that he's in school he'd have more freedom so he'd be going out and stuff which before he never did with groups of friends and I guess the navy girlfriend fear kicked in. My bf swears he'd never cheat and I have no doubts he would but I think I'm scared is because I'm not used to it. I just wanted to get it out since you guys understand. My bf is the loyal type and is a gentleman; the kind of guy that opens doors for you and buys you midol lol. He really is a great guy this is just a new thing for me to get used to. Plus its weird when its past midnight and you'd think they'd be sleeping from the kind of days they have! And no rude comments please he really is a good guy. Thanks
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yea if i called him and girls yelled into the phone id be so pissed. i called him and he said it was too noisy so thats ok but even tho i trust him it is scary to think girls are around even tho im not super jealous like that ever. but even tho i dont let stories or other peoples experiences sway me it scares me more since hes not home and when he was he would only go out with me or family. im happy he has friends. im not used to him going out at 2am and barely hearing from him and what not. he is totally trustworthy and i guess when i see hurt ive gotten before it scares me even though hes not that guy. im sure other people feel this way but ya know i have no one else to talk to about this lol. i jus dont want to fall into that place of him and his friends and im just sitting there cause i would bring him around my friends and id still talk to him and stuff but he'd be all quiet and mad. we're head over heels for eachother but this is new to both of us (the friends) esspecially since his social life is better than mine now.

i used to get sort of afraid when my boyfriend would tell me that he was going out to dinner with his class.. but i finally came to grips with how silly i was being. db92 is totally right, he will always be thinking of you, and wishing he could be with you instead. so just stay strong, and be happy for him that he now has this freedom to go out. the only thing that i still don't like is the stupid girls in his class that scream into the phone every time i call when he is out at dinner. just know that your boyfriend loves you, and would never do anything to upset you.. i'm sure that he is thinking about you just as much as you are thinking of him and would never do anything to hurt you. so, stay strong girl :]

Yea it just never happened when he was home. I'm so glad he's happy I just hope he doesn't leave everything behind and act differently cause not everythings as fun as it is in his new life

If you have confidence in him and your relationship, you're going to be fine. Remember that he loves you but this is the first fun he's been able to have in a long while. Just because he's hanging out with them doesn't mean he isn't thinking of you.