Was I In The Wrong?!

so im sitting here just watcthing tv. and i was talking to my friend and she was telling my how her ex hooked up with her brother's ( who is also my friend) ex. and she was supposed to be her best friend.and she started calling her every name in the book..and then it go me thinking..was i in the wrong for dating my fiance cause i knew my best friend back then used to like him?....but it wasnt my fault that we ended up likeing each other. and they never went out but she still decided to say that it was wrong of me to hook up with him. even though she had a boyfriend...it wasnt like we planned on having feelings for eachother, it just happened..

i love my fiance more than anything in the world dont get my wrong..and i dont regret saying yes to him...but does that make me stoop down to the same level as my friend's ex?

maybe im just loosing my mind because he isnt here...or maybe i feel like this because i guess everytime that i go out..the girls that i used to be friends with just wont stop giving me dirty looks and since my fiance isnt here, i cant help but to feel like they are getting to me which i wouldnt feel like that if anthony was here.

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thanksss girls!!!....he is the man of my dreams and like i said i dont regret anything...but i just dont want to be seen as like a bad person but i came to realize that there are ALWAYS going to be haters! :) thanks girls <3

dont worry everything happens for a reason. My bf and I met because I was dating his friend and we ended up talking and being together because of him. This past weekend was the first time i seen the guy i use to date and even though he gave me dirty looks i didnt care. by the end of the night he came up to me and talk to me and expected and apology from me and i didnt apologize all i said it was never meant to be with me and you. and i walked away. just expect nothing, appreciate everything. because with that whole situation i found the man of my dreams : ] so stay strong girl.

every situation is different, and i agree with kkakes99, you're not in the wrong, but i understand where you're coming from, for me, the last few weeks before i saw my man was full of all sorts of confusion and uncertainty. stay strong and you'll see him soon :)

You're not in the wrong. I'm dating one of my really good friends ex boyfriend, & when they were dating, I wasn't planning on it either. Things just happen! Don't feel bad, honey! You two are meant to be together, & everything happened for a reason!