Ok so I know I shouldn't be complaining about anything with all the girls on here who have something to actually be upset about (boot camp, not being able to talk to their loved one, etc..) BUT I'm extremely frustrated with how my boyfriend's Navy situation is going so far.. he swore in in late fall & found out he'd leave in August, then he changed what kind of job he wanted to do & had to take a test & all that jazz.. he passed & decided to pursue that field instead which means new boot camp date, new a-school location & new everything else. Ok, that's fine & dandy but they have yet to tell him any NEW information, like when he'll even leave. Also, his NEW recruiter has just informed him that with the field he's intending on going into, his high school math grades might be a problem (long story.. pretty much my boyfriend is very smart but used to be very lazy, hence the bad grades..). SO now, he has to write this letter to someone (???) stating why he should be in the Navy & why he's good enough for the program (Nukes btw..) & in the meantime me, his parents & sister, friends, etc.. all sit here & wait for ANY kind of info.. Anyway, I know this seems like a petty issue but it's really been driving me crazy. I'm just ready to know what to prepare for & how long I have left with him.. plus, we're trying to plan some kind of trip this summer but since we don't know when he'll be leaving we can't even do that yet.. I'm just frustrated as I've said numerous times & I figured I could vent to yall, who have probably been through something similar, & not feel bad about being upset lol..

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Its ok. My boyfriend said he might come home for a few weeks and now we don't know. Its very frustrating.

you gotta get used to the lack of info, the navy is really good at that. and since your man will be us property, they dont have to tell him anything until the last minute. it really sucks, but thats just the military way of life =(