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So me and my sailor got engaged when he was home on leave from japan in jan. And we both talked about it and had said that we wanted to live together for a little bit before we do get married. He comes home in dec and will hopefully (got my fingers crossed) get stationed in florida, which will be close to where his parents live. Well, me and my dad got to talking about it the other night, and he was telling me that if we were both 100% sure (which we are) that we are gonna get married that it would be beneficial to both of us to get married as soon as he comes home on leave in dec before he goes to florida, or wherever he will get stationed at. I like that idea, but none of my friends around here r with anyone in the military so i dont really know that much about the benefits and such that u get once u do get married...and i dont know how i would bring that up in conversation cuz i dont wanna overwhelm him or anything like that....anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

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well, the only way to find out whether his commanding officers approve is to talk to them and tell them your plan. Talking to his petty officer might work too but I'm not sure. I don't know what their bases are on approving marriage but it will make him look better if he ask around and sort of "ask for their approval" (even tho in the end it's still his decision) before you guys get married so in a way he is honoring his officers' opinions.

how does he go about finding out if his commanding officers approve? what do they base weather or not they approve of it on?

well, I just got married to my sailor and I agree with your dad. First of all, you guys get BAH (housing allowance) if you decided to live outside of the base. The amount of the BAH varies, depending on where you guys live. We get over $1100 here in WA per month so it's a pretty nice chunk of extra money that you can pocket if you guys don't want to use all of the BAH. Pus it's not taxable which is nice. Then your sailor gets food allowance, ours is around $300/mo and I'm almost positive it's the same for everyone. You can also get military ID to get into the base to go to the NEX to do grocery or household shopping which will cost less than normal store prices. The next great thing is the health insurance coverage and possible spouse tuition grant if you qualify to pay for a part of your college if you decide to go to college.<br />
Also, if you guys get married before he gets stationed, the military will cover the cost of moving you as a spouse.<br />
That's all the benefits I can think of for now. I would ask your fiance for more information because it is very important to be well informed before you guys leap into marriage in the military. Make sure his commanding officers approves of you guys' decision, and don't be afraid to ask him questions or talk about it. I don't think it would overwhelm him since I did the same thing with my husband when we were still engaged. If he really wants to make this work then he'll find some time to ask around :) good luck and congrats!