Its Official But I Still Dont Loose Hope

ok girls so its me again

turns out the love of my life its off to sicily italy tomorrow.... i still want to believe its al some kind of joke or a surprise or something u know like he only says he is flying to italy but in reality he is coming home for a week or two before he has to actually be in italy..... he already said his goodbyes and sent home a tshirt (yes it is dirty more than likely cause i asked him to send me one that actually smelled like him) and a box full of stuff he doesnt need. truth is i miss him like hell (dont we all right) but i know i more than likely wont see him till xmas so lets hope im not nuts and my gut feeling intuition six sense us girls have is not wrong and he really does come... i dont care if its at least for one week heck id be blessed ha! i love my sailor and if he is in fact going to italy tomorrow then we will be 6500 miles away from each other until hopefully xmas ... stay strong girls

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

thanks for ur support girls..<br />
mathhewsgirl. yeah i am prepared with skype and webcam and boxes lol im doing all i can to make sure we stay in touch. <br />
als89 haha yeah thats what i said... gotta save up money and roadtrip to italy ha!

idea: vacation to Italy? : ) sounds like the perfect plan to me, it is beautiful there!!! on a serious note, deployment is so hard. But it will work out, just keep the sparks alive and you know he will miss you just as much. Stare forte e tenere a amare : )