A Little Support?

my boyfriend just left for bootcamp march 1st... i have wrote 2 letters, one was 10 pages and i sent that about a week ago, and one is 4 pages, i'm putting it in the mail tomorrow morning, i havn't recieved anything back in the mail YET!..these past 2 weeks have been soo hard. i miss him like crazy, my house feels empty even with my roomate and her 3 kids running around...oh and my bed?! i can't even get thru a whole night without waking up at least once when i go to put my arms around him and he's not there... he's been my best friend for 4 years, and i've knew he was the love of my life about 6 months after meeting him, but we stayed "just friends" for 3 and a half years after that...at the end of jan. he decides to tell me he's in love with me for the past 2 years...bad timing? i think so. so we spent 1 month (our last month) together officially...so i havn't only lost all contact with my boyfriend, but my best friend as well. just lookin for a little support from people who can relate. :/

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

I can relate. :( My boyfriend hasn't sent me a letter yet either. & he's been gone since February 24th. I've written him so many letters & I hope to receive his letter soon so I can send out all of these. :( I agree with Megan. They say it gets easier, and I too haven't gotten there yet either.. I'm hoping for the easier part to come along, but it hasn't. I really hope that everything gets better for you soon, you can always talk to me if you need anything.