So Happy!

As you girls know, I've been waiting for any sign of a letter from my boyfriend, I was hoping My Irish heritage would have helped me out of St. Patricks day but it was to no avail.

I was seriously starting to doubt I'd even receaive a letter, but today as I walked out to the mailbox and only saw a newpaper like thing of shopping ads I started to loose hope again, until from out between the pages a small envelope with my name and my boyfriends handwriting fell out I almost screamed!

My first letter from my boyfriend! I'm so happy to know he misses me, that his first fitness test went well he was only short on the push-ups by 6, so I'm positive he'll pass his next 2 fitness tests (even if he isnt). Now I'm super excited for April 23rd, since i found out that is when his graduation is! I had thought it would have been the 30th but nope its the 23rd!


Anyone with guys graduating on April 23rd? Maybe our guys are in the same ship/divison lol

Sadie5309 Sadie5309
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2010