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Hi ladies, I know most of you all have not gone through a deployment yet since your men are just entering or graduating boot camp, so you may not have heard of OPSEC before.  OPSEC simply deals with the information that you should and should not share about your man and his deployment before and while he is away.  I know the government monitors activity and takes OPSEC violations VERY seriously, so I find this information very useful.  I actually took this specific information from a different forum.  I tried to post the link so you guys could see the original post, but of course, EP thinks I'm trying to sell something if I post a link.  LoL!

There have been quite a few OPSEC violations on social networking sites lately. Please take a minute to review the following information regarding OPSEC:

Do not violate OPSEC:

Operational Security or "OPSEC" is the most important threat to the safety of your service member. These are the rules that govern what we say about the troops, and they are based on the cliche' that 'loose lips, sink ships.' OPSEC requires the active participation of every single service member regardless of his or her rank or job and their spouses and family members. What seems innocent or insignificant can in fact be a piece of a much larger puzzle. The bottom line is failure to obey OPSEC rules and guidelines put our people at risk; don’t let them say they heard it from a military spouse or girlfriend! Lets keep these puzzle pieces apart!

Please remove any of your posts that violate ANY of the OPSEC rules. Not being able to post this information is not a violation of your 5th amendment. Remember what may not seem like a big deal to you may be a big deal to someone else. This includes phrases such as: “Jimmy will be home the day after my mother's birthday". If you are questioning your post, don't post it!

If you see any OPSEC violations please immediately alert the poster of the violation so they may take it down!

The Ten OPSEC Points:

Don't discuss future destinations or ports of call!

Don't discuss future operations or missions!

Don't discuss dates and times of when we will be in port or conducting exercises!(this includes dates of redeployment or R&R)

Don't discuss readiness issues and numbers!

Don't discuss specific training equipment!

Don't discuss people's names and billets in conjunction with operations!

Don't speculate about future operations!

Don't spread rumors about operations!

Don't assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you so he can kill you, he is!

Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using email or phone!

If you are at all unsure whether your posts might violate OPSEC then please err on the side of safety and don't post it. Even statements that you think might be benign like 'My boyfriend is done with 6 months of his 15 month deployment' gives a time frame for redeployment.

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That's a good point about the training information being kept confidential...I didn't even think about that being apart of OPSEC, my boyfriend just knows to always tell me not to share this and that. One very helpful thing to do when your boyfriend deploys is to ask him to let you come along to his pre-deployment meeting. They provide a lot of helpful information about dos and don'ts on sharing info.

it doesnt just pertain to deployment, it pertains to EVERYTHING during your mans stay in the military. for example blueblanket, if your on the phone with your man even while he is in training and you ask about his day, he can tell you "we learned about different tools, but he cant tell you all the equipment or abreviations meanings for different things. and you cant mention last names, times, or places on the internet or the phone like lyndsj was saying, for example if hes being deployed he can tell you hes leaving in a couple days, or the day he leaves call you and say ill let you know when i get were im going, and call you once hes arrived and say hes arrived in whatever country or state, but cant give any specifics unless hes giving you a mailing address, and even then, its better for him to just send you a letter so that information isnt spoken about over the phone or on the internet. <br />
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on this site talking about bootcamp isnt that big of a deal, its not our men in a war zone, but dont spread tooo much info about what happens inside bootcamp. its one thing that we know they do battle stations, but we arnt supposed to know what exactly happens in battle stations because that could give enemies too much information about our training. so whatever information your boyfriend gives you about anything, be verrrry careful about what you relay to others and how. its all about the saftey of our men. you have to keep the mind-fr<x>ame that the enemy will use ANYTHING against you, even stuff about your and your sailors family so be very careful about any information. i know its hard because this is a major support system for a lot of girls, but we can still be here for eachother without letting the enemy get any info. i hope i helped any confusion. <br />
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and LyndsJ : it was a really good idea to put this on because A LOT of girls dont know about it.

my boyfriends in school. then like what can we say sorry im so confused.

It pertains to information you share regarding your boyfriend's deployment. For example, if he gives you the date that he is leaving or returning, that should not at all be posted or spoken over the phone. Same goes with specifics on his deployment, for example, ports he has told you he will visit. My boyfriend actually told me before he left he could not tell me the ports they were planning on going to, which is what he is supposed to do. I should not know that information, honestly, there's no reason for me to know it. Once he gets to a certain port, he's able to say, "So we ported in Israel this morning," or something like that, but he can not tell me where he is headed next. I hope that makes sense, I feel like I sound confusing even to myself sometimes. Is your boyfriend currently in boot camp, or already graduated? I would definitely also ask him about OPSEC. I know they discuss it pretty heavily with them, I just don't know at what point in the process, whether it's in boot camp, or afterward. :-)

Does that just pertain to deployments or anything? Like what can we say here then cause this is the only constant support I have