Slowly Getting Used To This

hey guys

i know I have not posted a story in a while so I figured I would to update you all....

Well Tyler had been in WA for just over 2 weeks and I have not been able to see him in over 18 days and he is not making it any easier on me. He loves to tell me he wishes I was with him right now which does not make it any easier on me. Like does he even know how badly I want to be with him right now? If i had my way I would be on the next plain to Washington to be with him. Its not easy at all to know that soon I will no longer be able to text or skype with him for months at a time.

When I think about this it makes me really sad because I love being able to wake up to texts from him telling me "Good Morning" and "I Love You Baby." But for now I live for the skype conversations I get to have with him! Those are the happiest parts of my day when I get to see his face and hear his voice. I love when I hear him call me baby and see him smile.  whenever I am having a bad day I know when I see him smile it makes me feel so much better.

I know this sounds really sappy but when I see him smile it melts my heart and its like I can never say no to him this is sounding really sappy but I just cant help it lol...but I am so happy there is a site like this where  I can come and just let out all the things I am feeling and have girls out there that know exactly what i am going through and that support each other, because we all know how it feels and have gone though it and can be there to help if we ever need it I mean don't get me wrong I have my friends that I can turn to but I mean lets be honest here most of them don't really understand what I am going though dating a navy boy and all. So I am glad there are girls out there that do and that I could turn to for help or support and that is a really comforting feeling :)

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Hey girl! I know exactly how u feel. I feel the same way. My guy leaves in 2 weeks for 3 months. Im gunna miss his txts as well. It makes me feel so good to roll over n bed each morning n have a txt saying "Good Morning Sweetie, I Love you!" UGH im gunna miss him SOOO much!! I know what u mean about the smile thing. When I see him smile on web cam each day it makes me feel SOO good! I LOVE his smile. Lights up my day.

Its great to have you ladies to talk to and listen to about what yall are going thru because now i dont feel so crazy! My honey is gone for a week right now and will be gone for 2 months pretty soon and i was so sad that now hes gone i cant even stay in our place so i came to visit my family until he is back and not even my firends understand where im coming from! I spent the last few days balled up under my mom crying and they were upset becasue they said that i was acting like he was the only thing that makes me happy............. He isnt the only thing that makes me happy but they dont understand the feeling of the person you love more than anything being gone and not only gone but our only way of communication is a damn email!!!! I wish they understood but im so happy i have found people that do!

Lucky you I guess in great lakes there's no service since my skype always freezes then disconnects us :( I used to wake up to texts every morning too before he originally left. We have support for eachother that no normal person can relate to. Yesterday I was with family and my bf was the only one not there it sucked. But your bf will be back in your arms soon; I tell nyself that cause the time comes before you know it!