My Sailor Cheated

Hello everyone, I'm a NAVY girlfriend. My boyfriend left Sept. 4th, 2012 for boot camp which was the day of our two year annivesary. I have already started writing a letter, just waiting on the mailing address up there to send them. And last night as i went to finish a letter i recieved an odd message on facebook from a girl who is also going into the navy. she went through all the training and everything with my boyfriend. i had met her a couple of times so this didnt worry me. what she asked me did though... She asked me if we were still together or if we broke up?? she sent me her number so i texted her and got launched in to a long conversation. I found out that the last few days he spent with her. He hadn't taked to me at all one friday and on the the next day until like 3. he even came into where i worked and didnt say a word to me. I stayed up that whole night getting things ready for his going away party. i found out that friday when i was supposed to come over, she was. Saturday i hadn't really felt like going to his party after how he made me feel. But i did. At one point i remember asking him if he liked her, or if i needed to worry about her, and he got all mad and was saying how pissed he was that i was even asking him that. now i know he got all defensive becuase i was on to him.

so back to the conversation with the other girl. She told me that she had spent the whole weekend with him, and he hadn't been talking to me all weeekend and she though we were over. he also told her we hadn't been talking for weeks. so sunday i spent the whole day with him, and he took me home early bc he was tired and had family things all the next day. she told me that she spent that night with him. they went out to Kush, which is a hookah bar, and he even met her parents that night.

So monday at 4 am he sent me a break up text saying how unhappy he was and that he couldn't do this anymore. I couldnt stand myself so i bagged up every single thing we ever had and put it in a bag and took it to him. When i got there though he couldnt break up with me. He just kept saying he didnt know and needed to think. He said he would let me know that night.

That was his last night. He spent that night in the hotel with all of the other navy recruits. But guess who went with him and his family on the last night to the hotel. Her. not me. he ignored me all day long. That night when the family left he called me and said he loved me and was sorry and he was just scared and he wanted to be with me. i believed him and would have until one more piece of information came forward. I found out that Monday the other girl was at his house all day long, and he slept with her.

So he cheated on me with another girl, the night before he left. And then calls me and fools me in to taking him back. I dont know what to do anymore. I just cant tell my family. I needed to get this off my chest. any advice is appreciated.

I did write a letter that i havent sent yet with the entire conversation i had with this girl. I do plan on sending it to him, so he can finally make the decision. I feel so let down and disgusted that i can barely function. I loved him so much, and after everything i still love him and want to be with him. But im leaving the final decison up to him. Somebody help me???!?!?!??!??!?!!!!!
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Don't ask your bf about it, Don't even bother. <br />
Don't waste your time wandering why he cheated on you.<br />
Just wait , and see if he's going to write you a letter and explain what really happened.<br />
But I'm pretty sure he's not gonna talk about it because your bf is pretty busy right now and so as the other recruits.<br />
It's hard, but be strong. You don't deserve this kind of guy.

thats what im going to do. im gonna wait and see if he owns up to it, Hopefully he will.