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This Is Life

u laugh.
u cry.
happy mode.
sad mode.
u are satisfy.
sometime u are not satisfied.
some time u are cheated.
sometime u cheat some one.
u miss him/her too much.
u hate him too much.
u dislike him/her too much.
u enjoy
u are borred
ur time passes like seconds
sometime time doesnoot pass
u wana help him/her
u do something discusting and  bad things and confess later
ur desigions are disgusting

some are too dam happy with there life and some like me are too dishearted from life BUt its life : ) so if u wana end ur problems end ur life ,, lolz wich person have wich problem from upper points ... 
rolex928 rolex928 22-25, M 12 Responses Mar 31, 2011

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Hi there rolex :) All you said about life is true. We must take the good with the bad. It will all work out ok, just wait a bit. You seem like a sensible young man who knows what is important in life. Love - you expressed that we here at EP are part of your family. I feel that way too. We have our friends in our lives and we have our net friends. All are good and valuable people whether we ever meet them or not. I pray God will keep you safe in your country and your friends and family as well :)

beautifully put how uncomprehendable is that. called emotinal love within us all glad to know ones like you so pain is finally shared by a soul that cries out and your soul came to my rescue i cant thank god enough for those precious words of yours yearning to expresd my deepest gratitude rolex xxxxxx

haha<br />
<br />
I'm sorry BEST<br />
that is such a careless comment coming from me.<br />
Are you mad? i think not. haha<br />
I'll follow your advice, <br />
you're a very good friend I have known here in ep.<br />
You're a nice person with good personality and concern for his friends. <br />
you don't take advantage with friends<br />
You're observant too.<br />

time passs ewwww .. if u think like that then remember people will use u ,, u willl never find a sincerity because u are not sincere to ur friends u are just time passsing here so it was a very bad coment i heard from u friendly cat .. when ever i log in and talk to people i do it with full intrest and <br />
<br />
give full time to my friends and i am sincere with them i am not time passing with some one .. its just ep is my family u are my family and every one is here is my family .... i know hard to find a guy like me either u will not trust me but i do it from my heart : ) ... u are not a time pass for me or any friend here on ep , u all are my family . have a nice day

you're funny<br />
i'm just making time pass here<br />
<br />
<br />
yes, i will <br />
but I will not learn how to cook, I'll just buy foods outside...or maybe i'll not get marry so that I'll have no man to cook for....

lolz friendly cat i am right about u lolz u are just a little sweet girl : ) i hope u get big soon hehe .. learn life ,learn experiences rather than ep , and especially found one right guy except of thousand of them on ep.

Aisha i am from Pakistan : ) ..... life is not as enjoyable right now but i hope it will be sooon : ) just hurdles

hehe<br />
<br />
i'm just a smiling person<br />
and rolex saw that it seems like I don't take life seriously, cause i was laughing or smiling all the time. He thinks I'm not matured.haha<br />
Yeah, it seems like I'm juts a kid typing in the keyboard. And i don't even know how to cook or take the insides of the fish for cooking.

Aisha some time u dont know that the desgion u are taking is bad or goood for u and one little mistake ruin ur life and that what happened to me

yes kitten there is no too hard and not to bad happpened to u and u are lucky is hard<br />
<br />
we have to accept life's challenges and enjoy it. <br />
ME, as you see, I take it easily. I just enjoy life. Life seems easy to me....That's what you said. Hmmm...maybe, because there's no too hard or too bad that happened to me