I Do So Enjoy Navy Men

I did a long career in the good ole USN. From the very first day at the MEP station in Little Rock, Arkansas I knew my Navy experience would be a good one. 

Before I signed up I knew very well I was attracted to men.  Imagine the 80 guys all in one room with their pants down, ***** dangling with the doctor going from scrotum to scrotum checking for hernias.  I though my eyes would pop out of thier sockets straining to see the ***** to the left and those to the right.  What an awesome sight.

For the full 26 years I got so see literally  thousands of great looking men with their ***** and balls swinging in the breeze.  I was in heaven.  But this was a time of gays being ejected from the service when they were caught so I had a hands off policy all that time.  I go to bed thinking of the beautiful man of the day and enjoy relieving myself.  I'm quite sure there wasn't a day where I did not rub one out.  On the ship it had to be done quietly as the beds (racks) were three high and any movement would be felt by the other two.  I'm surprised I didn't wear my **** completely out.

There were some OMG gorgeous sailors that I only learned of their preference for men as they left the Navy either because they were caught or left and did not reenlist because they were gay.  I think I left my seed multiple times everywhere I was stationed, every bed and every head and every single shower.  I was almost caught rubbing one out in the shower one time but due to the almost see through shower curtains in the head I was able to turn a bit and not caught when the curtain flew open.  All he said was oops, sorry.

I've been retired from the Navy now 14 years and I still see the sailors around here pretty much daily.  OMG they look younger and very much more pretty than I remember.

I do miss my gorgeous sailors but I don't miss the Navy.  I like the civilian life and especially the freedom to suck a **** when I want. LOL.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Were you ever stationed at NAS Norfolk? I never served, but this area in VA is so heavily dependent on the Navy that you can't go anywhere without running into a sailor.

NAS Oceana for me and USS NIMITZ....6 years total counting schools and a year and a half as a recruiter in Waltham, MA

Small world! I did 1 1/2 Med cruises and 1 NATO cruise