Navy Life

I did 7 years in the navy. It was good times. I made some incredible friends and seen some awe inspiring places. There was alot of bullshit to deal with but overall it was a good expereince. I have used some pretty hi tech stuff. i got out in jan 07. i miss hitting ports overseas and drinking until it was physically impossible for you to consume any more alcohol, puking for hours, getting 3 hours sleep then waking up to do it again. those were the days. can't really go to work in the real world sloshed out of your mind. it is true that sailors can shut down a club.

i remember one time when we were in a little bar/club in Bali and they ran out of liquor. There was about twenty sailors scattered through out the club and we started to get miffed about the lack of further alcohol. We really didnt need anymore but a group went to the store down the street and spent $250 bucks on liquor. They came back and jumped behind the bar and started serving the rest of us like they worked there. The owners weren't to happy and called the police. we didn't realize they were doing it and when the cops showed we all scattered like roaches. all except one young new guy who making out with some hooker. he was so drunk that when the female cop turned him around he tried to make out with her. he would have gotten arrested if the other male cops weren't laughing so hard. they escorted him back to his hotel, which usually wouldn't happen, and left him on the steps of the building. when the rest of us made it back to the hotel a few hours later we saw him sleeping on the steps in the fetal position. we had thought he was arrested but relieved to see him and not have the crap kicked out of him by locals. when we woke him up all he asked was where the hooker was. it was a great night!

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Thank you for sharing. I'm a former sailor myself and I wish I had a similar story.

Sounds like some wild times! Love this story!