My Doctor Visit

Going to the doctor at the Navy Branch Medical Clinic is always surprising. I only go twice a year and usually just to get referrals to other civilian specialists.  Well as usual my primary care physician has changed.  You know me well enough now that I don't desire women.  But I still can appreciate an attractive gal.  My newest doc is drop dead ******* gorgeous.  Well proportioned shapely 30 something with blonde hair and the greatest smile.  I was actually looking forward to getting her finger in my ***. LOL.  She didn't do that but she did give me a nice smile as she gladly gave me a new perscription for my **** drug.  Funny I wasn't embarrased at all asking.
What was really great was the OMG gorgeous young man that took my blood pressure.  19 or 20 years old.  Tall, dark and handsome with a very cute butt.  He was sporting a nice bulge too and not due to being arroused.  I could have smacked him right on the lips while coping a feel with one hand and the other on his ***.
The Navy uses those automatic blood pressure machines.  They never work on me.  Today it measured 167/90.  I raised the bull **** flag and they measured manually like they all should be doing.  120/68.  Ahh, right on the money.
So that's my summary of my visit to the doc.
Two great looking medical providers.... check
More chemicals for the ****....check
Great eyeball liberty....check ( gorgeous men all over the place incuding the cute pharmacy technician)
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3 Responses Dec 14, 2012

you might enjoy reading about my two previous dr visits. got one for this year schedule pretty soon

Navy vet to. Subs.

sounds great to me i am army vet in fl