I Am Afraid

My name is of no matter i guess because i doubt if anybody will ever read this anyway. I have been trying for a long time to get some response from other vet sites but so far nothing.
I wish i knew where to start but i dont because most of the time i think i have narrowed my problem down and then something else pops up. The bottom line is i was on a aircraft carrier and during the course of my duty as a plane captain i ended up eating the exhaust of a jet. If not for the chains that was draped across my back i would have ended up 115 ft. down into the sea.
Here it is 40 years later and i am still having problems about that one little mishap. I wish i could say that the Viet Cong makes me have trouble sleeping or that it was because i did something to be proud of but instead it boils down to either i made a misstep or it was pilot error. Either way i guess i will never find out.
Right after my "accident" i was sent to the ships laundry . Nobody ever told me why but i shut my mouth and went to washing mounds and mounds of clothes.
I never did go back topside again and that really bothered me. I had to sleep under the third wire and hear planes being recovered over and over again but my work was a zillion miles from the sunlight.
So here i sit all these years later trying to figure out how to get through another day without drinking.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Most of the times when a sailors is sent TAD to mess cooking, side cleaning, the laundry its usually just for 90 days. Most sailors went TAD at least once unless they were lucky. Working the flight deck is one of the hardest jobs you can do, besides being a Plane Capt. you lived ate and slept with the A/C. getting blown down really wasn't your fault. Anyone on the deck from the greenest AA to the most seasoned Master Chief can develop a case of Skid Burn. If you were getting blown down everyday, yea it was probably your fault. but just once, hell consider yourself lucky.

I was on the Kitty Hawk and put 14 months off Nam and I almost bought the farm half a dozen times. I got in 67 and in 2007 I was diagnosed with PTSD and I have had nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety problems, sleeping problems, guilt feelings so you are not alone.

Go to the VA and talk to a shrink, I got diagnosed in 2007 with PTSD and it came from the flight deck, I was on the Kitty Hawk and was an AO. Put 14 months off the coast of Nam and experienced alot including being blown down the flight deck. Talk to me anytime. Pete

Find a vet center near you and talk to someone there or go to a VA hospital there is help out there.