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I served from 92 til 98. Uss Cape Cod AD-43, and Uss Paul F Foster DD-964.
I still have nightmares about the Foster, LOL. The second to last ship to leave Long Beach naval shipyard before it closed. When we Op-Tested the fuel system in the Aft engine room fuel sprayed from every flange they used no gaskets, same story with the firemain system through out the ship...water, water everywhere..blah,blah. The main drainage pipe had a section cut out with a DC plug in one end, in AUX 1, we didn't discover that for two years. The guys in the forward engine room just kept wondering why the would always lose suction when trying to pump aux 1's bilges.
But, the big one, we lost 2A GTM once we got to the gulf and a weld broke on the starboard shafts hub and we lost all the oil in the starboard CRP system.
Seriously, the captain had just announced we were on point ma...something or other, we were on station to enforce the embargo on Iraq, and suddenly we were down to one engine and one shaft. I took the engineering plant very personally back then, it was like a small part of me had been defecated on and died.


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Holy ****, good on you engineer!<br />
Though I was essentially a top-sider, I worked with the oil king and the two EN1's, and sometimes even the Cheng, as I was an ET in charge of test equipment for the ship (USS Vincennes CG-49 Aegis Cruiser).<br />
Btw, I got kicks reading your story, as I still remember enough of the lingo, but you know a lot of civies are gonna be scratching their heads at trying to make sense out of some of it.